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Distance Learning

What is distance learning?

**UPDATED 10/21/20**

Distance learning is a form of education in which the main elements include physical separation of teachers and students during instruction and the use of various technologies to facilitate student-teacher communication.  The learning program will be completely online learning. 

WPSS has developed a distance learning plan to ensure the continuity of learning for students. Although distance learning cannot replicate the day-to-day experience students are used to receiving on campus, WPSS will partner with students and parents to ensure that rich and meaningful learning experiences continue. Students will engage with teachers through an online learning portal and email. Teachers will be available to communicate with students and parents on an ongoing and regular basis to ensure that individual student needs are being met. The WPSS Distance Learning Plan relies on the continuing partnership of our dedicated faculty, motivated and engaged students, and committed parents. While this is a time of uncertainty and challenge, it is also a time that provides us with the opportunity to deepen our commitment to each other and the education of our students.

Distance Learning Format

  • Students enrolled in distance learning will complete all assignments outside of a traditional school setting. 
  • Students are expected to work on assignments daily.
  • Students and families will be expected to check email regularly.
  • Teachers respond to email questions within a timely manner (within 24 hrs when possible).

frequently asked questions

How do I enroll my student in distant learning?

Parents interested in enrolling their student in distant learning should contact the school of record.  Please note, distance learning is reserved for students with extenuating circumstances. 

When should my student begin working in the online learning program?

Students were emailed log-in information on 10/20/20. Students that haven't begun working will fall behind if they don't start now.

Who teaches distance learning classes/courses?

Washington Parish teachers assign course content in an online portal.

Are assignments optional?

No, all assignments must be completed.  Student grades will be based on these assignments.

Will attendance be counted?

Yes, attendance counts.  Log in information will be checked daily and attendance posted in JCampus.

If log-in time doesn't reflect minutes required for courses, students will be counted absent for that time.

What happens when communication between home and school is not active?

If there is no communication between the school and families for more than three days, someone from the school system will make a home visit.

Will my child receive face to face instruction or over the phone instruction?

No, students are enrolled in an online learning program. They can message their online instructors and request help.

How quickly will someone respond to my child for help?

Your child should get an email response within 24 hours, not including weekends.

Will someone be available for technical support?

There is a chat feature available when logged into Odysseyware where you can ask for help.

How much work is involved in the online program?

Students were assigned coursework for the second nine weeks period. The work was evenly distributed between the days in a nine week period excluding school holidays. Students have work to complete in every course every day.

How can I see my child's grades?

When the student is logged into Odysseyware they can view their score and progress. Those grades will be transferred to JCampus at progress report and report card time.

How will I know when my child needs to turn in work?

Students can view the due dates of all assignments when logged into Odysseyware.

What about students with working parents?

Online learning requires students to complete rigorous work everyday. If students require a great deal of help and parents aren't available, students may fall behind in their coursework.

When can a student return to face-to-face learning?

Students can return to school at the beginning of a new 9 week period.  Parents should contacted the school to inform them of the student's return.

Will students receive feedback on completed assignments?

Yes, teachers will provide timely feedback on student assignments in the online portal.

How will Internet access be provided for families without home Internet service?

Schools are equipped with WIFI Internet service.  This Internet service is accessible on WPSS issued devices within range (school parking lot).  

How do students access their WPSS Google account?

Directions will be provided by each school along with passwords.  The format for student username follows this format  firstname.lastname  Each student will have access to email, Google Classroom, and Google Apps.

Who should students/parents contact with questions?

For enrollment, attendance,  returning to school - contact the school.  For help with assignments, contact the teacher. 

Are meals provided for distance learning students?

Yes, meals are available for pickup at each school site weekly.  Meals include breakfast and lunch.  Check with the school for day and time.

Students must be committed to working 5 days per week on courses.  This will require students to be organized, work alone, communicate well in writing, be self-motivated, and willing to "speak up" if problems arise.



❏ Create a daily routine and schedule for your children. Perhaps blend a distance learning schedule with a home schedule. It is important for you to help your children establish and maintain a routine and structure for their day, beginning with a regular bedtime and wake-up time each day. Setting clear expectations with your children about regular school day hours will help them maintain a schedule and stay on top of their schoolwork.

Set up your children’s learning space in an area free of distractions. We recommend that you find a quiet space and create a learning environment that includes access to school supplies and internet access. We recommend Google Meet sessions take place in public spaces in your house (such as dining room, kitchen table, living room, family room, or den).

Use a calendar to help your children keep track of classes, assignments, and responsibilities.

Make sure to plan for breaks during the learning day. Learners can benefit from built-in transitions between “class” to help them reset for the next subject. Encourage your children to spend their break away from their screens and allow for physical activity and play.

Check in with your children. Start their learning day with a check-in to ensure they are clear about the plan for the day, and then check in with your children throughout the day to ensure they are on the right path. Close the learning day with a final check-in to see how the learning went and to plan for next steps.

Keep the lines of communication open. It is important to let your children’s teacher know if they are having difficulty with their distance learning experience or being away from school. Teachers will communicate with you and your children on a regular basis. 

enrichment resources

Google resources

technical support

Technical Support Resources:

  • Log in or password assistance:  call 839-7790 (8:00-4:00)
  • Home Internet connection:  call your provider
  • Access to Google Classroom:  check teacher webpages for classroom codes  - click here for school websites
  • AT&T MiFi Hotspot Setup Instructions - click here

How do students access their WPSS Google account?

Directions will be provided by each school along with passwords.  The format for student username follows this format  firstname.lastname  Each student will have access to email, Google Classroom, and Google Apps

Will my child be able to use the Chromebook at home?

Students can use the Chromebooks at home by connecting to their family’s wireless. The school settings and web filtering will continue on the Chromebook at home. Students will be expected to bring their assigned Chromebook home every night to charge.

How will my child connect to the Internet with the Chromebook at home?

Students will access the Internet by connecting to the wireless at home, but will continue to have their internet access monitored by the WPSS web filter. This will be seamless and transparent to the students, thus school settings and filtering will continue on the Chromebook at home.

Will there be filtering on the Chromebook while my child is at home?

Students will access the Internet by connecting to the wireless at home, but will continue to have their internet access monitored by the WPSS web filter. Students can always use a family owned computer while at home and use the filtering software and settings they choose.

Can my child use a personal account to log into the school Chromebook when at home?

No, each student must use their school account to login. The Chromebook settings are locked and cannot be altered.

What if I have problems connecting to my wireless network at home?

All connectivity problems at home should be directed to your family’s Internet Service Provider.