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Online Resources for Learning at Home

Grade     Subject Resource Description/Link                       
PK-12 ALL Online resources for all content areas and grades:  lesson plans, printable pages, videos and more
K-12 ALL Study Island - Enhances learning and helps students catch up or stay ahead. K-12 programs tailored specifically to LA state standards.  Student username - and password is school specific (ees, fes, fps, fjhs, fhs, mhs, phs, tes, wres, vhs)
PK-12 ALL  Khan Academy - self-paced, interactive content--exercises, videos and articles--
PK-9 Reading Scholastic - special cross-curricular journeys -  every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. 
3-12 ELA CommonLit - High Quality Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions
3-12 ELA MindPlay - Decoding, grammar, vocabulary and fluency lessons for students learning to read and those trying to improve reading skills.
K-12 Math Modules, lessons and activities to support WPSS math curriculum


Great Minds - official Eureka Math "On the Go Collection" - instructional videos will be added soon
K-8 ELA/Math Moby Max -  Online Math & Reading CCSS-aligned content, assessments, and activities
K-8 ELA/Math iReady -  Math and Reading student activity packs and math pack answer keys are available for each grade level.
K-12 ELA Kurzweil -  Technology to help students read, write & study. Students can access pre-loaded books & books uploaded by their teachers.
K-5 Science Mystery Science        Brains On         Nearpod Healthscience K-5
K-5 Social Studies Geography Games
K-8 ELA/Math Printable Resource Packets
6 Social Studies World History from Khan Academy
6-12 Science Nearpod Healthscience 6-12
7 Social Studies US History from Khan Academy          US History Crash Course Videos
8 Social Studies LA History Textbook (access login:  lamsh21 password:  Lagniappe)         Brief history of Louisiana
9-12 Civics US Government & Civics - Khan Academy            Crash Course Videos 
9-12 US History US History - Khan Academy      Crash Course Videos          
9-12 World Geo Crash Course Videos - Physical Geography          Geography Games
9-12 World History World History - Khan Academy           Crash Course Videos
9-12 Physics Khan Academy Physics
9-12 Biology Khan Academy Biology               Online Biology Lab Simulations
9-12 Chemistry Khan Academy Chemistry        
PK-12 Arts Virtual Museum Field Trips
9-12 Career Career Exploration
PK-12 PE PE with Coach Wood
PK-12 ALL Content from educational and inspirational sources on the web to spark curiosity and conversation
PK-12 ALL Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings: Amazing Educational Resources
PK-3 ALL ABC Mouse (Code:  SCHOOL3673)
3-HS ELA/Math Lumos Learning - LEAP 2025 practice and sample questions for Math and ELA
1-5 Math Eureka Math Tutorials - Duane Habecker
K-12 ELA/Math LearnZillion ELA and Math
PK-12 ALL PBS Learning Media - free educational videos - search by content area and grade level
PK-6 Reading Reading IQ - digital library (redeem code:  SCHOOL3673)  
8-12 AgriSC Louisiana Agricultural Education website of resources
K-12 ALL St. Martin Parish Resources
PK-12 ALL Lafayette Parish Shared Resources for eLearning      Academic Resources for Parents
PK-12 ALL All Digital School Resources